November 10, 2011

Presentations of the 1st International Conference of Duckweed Research and Applications 2011

Figure 1: ICDRA 2011 conference participants

Excellent presentations related to the study of duckweed plants. Presented at the 1st International Conference of Duckweed Research and Applications in Chengdu, Sichuan, China, October 7-10, 2011.

Give credit where credit is due. Please, if you use a presentation then give proper citation and credit to the presentation's author. I will start by giving thanks to Fang Yang and others from the Chengdu Institute of Biology for originally sending out these pdf's of each presentation. Enjoy!

1-Hai Zhao_Advantages ,Progress and Opportunities of Duckweed in Bio-liquid fuel Production and Environment Protection_ICDRA_Chengdu

2-Eric Lam_Rutgers_Progress toward realizing a functional demonstration pipeline for wastewater to fuel-grade ethanol using selected duckweeds_ICDRA_Chengdu

3-Yang Fang_Resource bank establishing of duckweed and demonstration cultivation on domestic wastewater_ICDRA_Chengdu

4-Klaus-J. Appenroth_Cytological variation in Spirodela polyrrhiza_ICDRA_Chengdu

5-Yulan Peng_Cytological variation in Spirodela polyrrhiza_ICDRA_Chengdu

6-Yao Xiao_Insects, fungi and algae concerned with duckweed_ICDRA_Chengdu

7-Qian Chen_Bio-alcohol production from the duckweed Landoltia punctata_ICDRA_Chengdu

8-Louis Landesman and Jonathan Farrell_Modeling the Growth of Duckweed Populations_ICDRA_Chengdu

9-Jonathan Farrell_Understanding a Duckweed System in a Temperate Climate from Harvest to Disposal_ICDRA_Chengdu

10-Yao-Xiao-Quality management of duckweed biomass

11-Bo Feng_DNA barcode and Phylogenetic Analysis of Lemnaceae_ICDRA_Chengdu

12-Evan Ernst_Genetic and Genomic Tools for Duckweed Bioenergy_ICDRA_Chengdu

13-Tokitaka Oyama_Gene introduction methods for the analysis of biological rhythms in duckweeds_ICDRA_Chengdu

14-Jay J. Cheng_Growing Duckweed for Environmental Protection and Generation of Value-added Products_ICDRA_Chengdu

15-Lene Lange_Duckweed biomass as biorefinery feedstock _ICDRA_Chengdu

16-Robert Bell_Turning wastewater into opportunity water_ICDRA_Chengdu

17-Armando SalmeƔn_Carbohydrate Microarrays Technology_ICDRA_Chengdu

18-Guoyou Li_Study on the secondary metabolites in Lemnaceae_ICDRA_Chengdu

Figure 2: ICDRA 2011 conference participants attending the Duckweed Treatment facilities near Kunming, China

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